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Meet the Founder and Designer





I’m Laura—the founder and designer of the inspirational pieces of the Primitiva Jewelry Collection. I create this powerful jewelry to honor my Colombian heritage and share my reverence for strong feminine spirituality. 


Primitiva Jewelry was born to preserve the cultural tradition of filigree. Our jewelry elevates the artisan, the wearer of each amulet, and the planet.

My passion is to create ethically and from a space of clear intent.

I have named each piece to guide you towards the graceful intention that fills the unique design. I hope you find wisdom in the symbolism, inspiration in the gemstones, and comfort in the intentional name of each obra de arte. 


Each soul-crafted design invites you to embody the spirit of its affirmation. May they guide you in your journey to celebrate your authentic self. 

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Designed & Handcrafted by Colombian Artisans

Primitiva Jewelry is a small business. Our master artisans create these distinctive filigree pieces in the Mompox region of Colombia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.


The city of Santa Cruz de Mompox celebrates both its Spanish and indigenous heritages through beautifully preserved architecture, cultural festivals, regional food specialties, and a long tradition of artisan guilds including blacksmiths, goldsmiths, and silversmiths. This rich mix of cultures and natural resources created Mompox filigree hundreds of years ago.


The skilled artisans who preserve the delicate craft of filigree are the heartbeat of Primitiva Jewelry. Our continued partnership preserves this craft while allowing our artisans to earn a fair wage to support their families and stimulate their challenging local economies. 

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Sacred Creation


Filigree is an ancient adornment technique that dates back to Mesopotamia and the first evidence of humans creating jewelry. The delicate lace-like wire threads of gold or silver require the focus and dexterity of an accomplished artisan who has completed years of practice. The artisans of Primitiva Jewelry share a deep appreciation of this tradition and great love for the technique itself. 


Filigree is not unique to Colombia; however, Laura’s unique designs reflect the style of the culturally-rich Mompox area. Filigree has been recognized as a symbol of the well-preserved historical town of Santa Cruz de Mompox. It’s been said that time stands still at this river port town where generations of women have perfected this artisanal work. 


The creative process of the art of filigree is a meditative process that requires patience, love, and reverence. 


This labor is a metaphor for our own life’s journey. May your enjoyment of your unique piece of jewelry invoke these same qualities in your daily practices.

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