​Primitiva Jewelry combines meaningful symbols with powerful healing gemstones to unite the metaphysical with the material to elevate the frequency of intentions.

Designed & Handcrafted by Women

Primitiva is a women-run small business. Each piece is created by the hands of women artisans with the wisdom and passion that has been passed down through generations.

Women making handmade filigree jewelry
minneapolis artist jewelry

Meet the Artist

Laura is a creative spirit and small business owner living in Minnesota. Born and raised in Colombia, Laura grew up watching artisans work with the ancient art of filigree and knew in her heart that one day she would share this beauty with the world.

Laura founded Primitiva to create tangible reminders to live purposefully. Her amulets draw inspiration from astrology, spirituality and mother Earth. She believes that the combination of healing crystals and symbol are conduits for manifesting one’s desires.

Sacred Creation 

Filigree is an ancient adornment technique dating back to Mesopotamia and the first evidence of humans creating jewelry. The delicate lace-like wire threads of gold or silver require an intricate and sophisticated process of concentration, patience, dexterity—as well as a genuine and deeply felt love for the technique.